Pupils at Daventry's Falconer's Hill Academy recreate House of Commons with local MP

Pupils at Daventry’s Falconer’s Hill Academy, part of the David Ross Education Trust, were recently visited by their local MP, Chris Heaton-Harris. 

Mr Heaton-Harris, who has been an MP since 2010 and is also a Government Whip, led an assembly for the school which saw him establish a mock House of Commons, with pupils standing in for the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition as well as some key cabinet posts.

During the assembly, pupils were taught about democracy and the process of becoming an MP as well as how a debate in the House of Commons is run. After hearing the ideas put forward by their peers, the pupils then voted on an important topic for debate - whether the school holidays should be extended. 

Following the session, Mr Heaton-Harris also had the chance to meet with the school council, where he had the opportunity to find out more about junior school life at Falconer’s Hill Academy, and the important role that the school council play in developing their school community. 

Matthew Reetz, Executive Headteacher at Falconer’s Hill Academy, said: “We were pleased to welcome Mr Heaton-Harris to our school this term.

“It gave our pupils an opportunity to hear firsthand about the importance of democracy and life as a member of parliament.

“As a school, we teach pupils about the role of the British Government and the assembly really immersed them in all aspects of this. 

“Following the visit, several pupils have expressed an interest in becoming politicians when they are older, so we may well see one or two of them debating in the House of Commons in the future!”

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